My own website ughhhh!!!

I tried to build a website for myself and it was just to tough.I am not that good with a computer so it was a little silly of me to try.I have learned a good lesson i think it was that im not that smart.I feel a lot more comfortable with a block of wood and some gouache.I like blogger because its easy.Happy Happy


Velocity paintings

This painting along with 26 others will be on Velocity's site soon


Huge painting for Velocity

This is one big painting its going to velocity the size is 44x66.
.The suburban giant bear monster.


The double sided vivienne for Velocity

This is one of my new paintings for Velocity


Velocity Art and Design

My new paintings for velocity are getting close to being finished.Happy Happy .I'm really happy with this group.Ill post a few of them soon.Its been slow go on these because the group is very large.


This is a huge painting 28x60.


fun abstract

I have had a lot of fun working on this painting.