New painting for velocity

A new shipment of paintings will be arriving at velocity on the 27th.Fun Fun



Hello-Velocity has decided to release limited edition signed and numbered silk screen prints soon so when the prints i have on etsy sell out they wont be replaced.If you have been looking at one of those i would purchase it soon.A whole lot of very exciting things have been happening around here lately that i will be able to post about in the next several months.Have a great day!



New work

I have been working on several new paintings that will be finished in the next couple of weeks.for some reason this painting reminded me of a 1960's country singer



I would like to thank everyone for the great emails and all the interest in the paintings.If anyone would like to contact me for commisions ,press ,or anything business related please contact John Tusher at velocity@velocityartanddesign.com .

If you would just like to drop me a line to chat please contact me through the email in my profile page.I would love to chat with you.Have a great day!


photographer Jason Hamric

Jason is a really great photographer and friend.I finally convinced him to post on blogger. You can see his great art and learn more about Jason in the link to the right.The photo at the top is a picture he took of Vivienne and me in 2005.


etsy print shop

I'm putting 5 different prints on etsy to sell.They are all really Hi-Fi quality prints on archival paper.They range from $35.00 to $60.00 you can go to the shop in my links column.


Silkscreen print of the double sided Vivienne!

I have had several requests for prints lately so i am working on a silkscreen print of the double sided vivienne.I should have it done soon just working out the kinks it will be around $30.00.


Design sponge and new work at Velocity

I have new work on velocity's site yeah! two of my paintings were on Design sponge today Grace of Design sponge is very nice.