Office pdx show tonight

If your in Portland tonight stop by and see some of my paintings along with Martina Witte and Ryan Bubnis at Officepdx

Super7 wall veiw

Its neat to see the art hanging.


Eames Herman Miller molded plywood screen yippie!!!

After years of obsessing over this screen i will finally have one on thursday.Im very excited there is nothing as good as getting a piece of modern furniture in the mail.It always ruins the whole day because I cant get anything done because im looking out of the window all day for the fedex truck.


design Sponge sneak peak

This is our living room.Grace from design sponge asked me to do a sneak peak of our home and I'm so pleased with the response it has gotten.I have spent many years collecting all of this stuff to get our living space the way it looks now .Vivienne and myself had always lived in apartments before we moved in here so it was nice to be able to have a larger space to work with.


Super 7 show starts tomorrow

Hello my show at super7 starts tomorrow i have 25 new paintings 2 are large so if your around 1628 post street San Francisco stop by and check it out.