Vivienne and myself with an oversized Simon

This painting will be at Velocity soon along with 19 others Elmer gnome is on his way there also Yippie!!!!



Irving Harper visit soon

We Purchased our tickets today to go visit Irving Harper.I have talked to Mr Harper a few times on the phone and he is very nice. We can't wait to visit him in person.I am a huge fan of the design work he did with George Nelson and look forward to spending time with him at his home.The picture is of some of his paper sculptures from metropolis magazine in 2001


Irving Harper Phone conversation

I had a telephone conversation with Irving Harper who is 90 years old and one of the minds behind some of the great modern designs of the 20th century . He worked with George Nelson during (In my opinion) the greatest period of American design . He was very nice and invited us for a visit I was very nervous and probably rambled a lot. Vivienne and I have decided to go . We are planning to go in September on the train . It is very rare you get the opportunity to meet such a great designer and I probably wont get the chance again.