Drawn and Ward-O-Matic

Drawn contributer Ward posted a very nice post about my work on Drawn. If you know about Drawn then you know about Ward. His blog is really really neat. Here is the link to Ward's blog and here is the link to the Drawn post


Irving and Belle Harper on Design Sponge

The picture is of Irving and Belle Harper. I have yet to meet two nicer people in my life . On top of that Irving Is one great designer and Belle a great labor lawyer . They were nice enough to have us in their home to talk and go to lunch with us. I believe the visit is the most inspiring one I have ever had. We get to visit them again in November I hope to do a video interview with Irving . We were trying to set up a show for him but his health won't allow it. His work is totally amazing!
I have had the pleasure of speaking with him on a regular basis after our visit. I am so glad because there is so much to learn from this great designer.