Weather Vivienne


Rowena said...

I just love this, are you going to make it available for sale?

matte stephens said...

Im still working on a print version of this:) Hopefully it will be finished soon.Thank you!!

lagirafeverte said...

very nice

pupu said...

Oh oh.. this is nice =) i view your work at Etsy. Its amazing! =) I love the colors you use. ;)

Meredith said...

Hello Matte,
I bought one of the double sided Vivienne's from you on etsy. I came here to actually find out who the photos were named after.

My daughter, who is 4, is a Vivienne and we were tickled to find the artwork with her name. It now is framed and is proudly displayed in our hallway at the top of the steps.

Vivienne also knows it is 'her' picture. I see now that you have a Vivienne as well. Please thank her for being the inspiration behind these prints, which have enriched our lives as well.

Best wishes!

capello said...

love this!

scribblesk said...

Such wonderfulness!

AM said...

We bought the Weather Vivienne print from your Etsy shop, for our daughter's first birthday.She adores the print and always wants to stop and point at the cloud.