large do-nothing painting

This painting is at Velocity here


arly said…
hi, you don't know me. I love love love your work. I'm tagging you from my blog to yours. come see my blog for details.
SJ said…
Hi, Matte. I also live in Birmingham and own 3 of your works. "Vespa," "Untitled," and one I think is called "Tony Rodio" --it is a little blue man with glasses holding a camera up to take a photo. I love it all so much.

Your work truly hits a chord with me. I recently saw a story about an artist named Charley Harper and the designer Todd Oldham who produced a book of his works just last year. His animal illustrations really are reminiscent of yours with modern design elements throughout. I'm sure you know who he is already, but I couldn't help but think of you when I saw his work.

Do you ever show anymore around town? I'd be there with bells on! The MCAC is where I first saw you and have been a fan ever since.
Jeremiah Ketner said…
wow, now this is a super hot painting. I love the large scale and those arrows are fantastic. Keep them coming. Your work is defiantly growing strong.
shauna said…
I LOVE your art! It reminds me of designs from when I was as kid- 1960's. This painting is amazing! Glad I found your blog! Is your work in any galleries in or near Dayton or Cincinnati? I would love to see your art in person!

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