Weather Vivienne

Little Irving

Little Irving, originally uploaded by matte stephens.

This Is Irving he is the newest edition to our home. He only has one eye because of neglect of an infection when he was a baby. We are so happy he lives with us now.

Simon and Lillian

Simon and Lillian, originally uploaded by matte stephens.

This is Simon and Lillian



Today is such a sad day for us. Our lovely cat Isabelle had to be put to sleep .She is the first cat Vivienne and I have lost since we have been together.I didn't realize how hard it would be to have her go. She was a wonderful companion. She never met a person she didn't like. She was always very cold and sat on a heating pad all the time.One of the first stories Vivienne told me about her was how much she loved chickens not to eat but to be friends with. She was 19 years old she slept with us every night until she got sick.She played mother cat to everyone in our house even visitors. Its such a wonderful thing to be able to live with animals they are so caring and sweet.We will miss her very much


The new double sided Vivienne

This is the new double sided Vivienne! Isn't she cute!!!!


Reform School show and print

I have new paintings and a new print at reform school the opening is this Sat. the 19th. I wish I could be there but for some reason my body wont let me get on a plane.I have never been to Los Angeles but It looks really super on TV.

Happy Happy Simon

Simon is my cat he looks like he is wearing a cat costume. Anyone who meets him instantly is his best friend.We think he is 4 years old.He loves all kinds of modern design and catnip.He has his own sweater with an s on it(for Simon of course)