The winner is :)

The winner is :)
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Pomber from Hungary :) Yippie :) Thank you everyone for the 838 super wonderful comments Vivienne and I are amazed by them and so happy there was so much interest. Thank you !!!


Lucy said…
Congratulations Pomber !!! Thanks so much for having a giveaway!
MattL said…
Maybe I'll win next time :) Thank you for having the givaway!
oh goodness thats a lot of paper! ☺ don't forget to recycle haha ♥
matte stephens said…
We used old shipping labels :) We try to use everything more than once before recycling.They are on the way to be recycled now :)
Matt Lloyd said…
Cool hat, cool pillows, cool comp, cool winner!
Emjie said…
Wow! 838 people! That is a monumental amount.
Congrats to Pomber.
nadja said…
ohh... I guess I wasn't the only Hungarian in the game:)
i need to go to hungary and steal it!