My Kokeshi

I made this Kokeshi for a show at Subtext with a ton of other artists all of them very very good. Everyone was given a doll and you could whatever to it. I made this :)


Twistedrat said…
Would love to see you make more of these little guys! I would like to own one myself! Happy Thanksgiving.
Matte's charming Kokeshi is still available :)

Link to all dolls in show:

Thanks again Matte for being a part of this project!
Anonymous said…
Hi Matte! I love this doll ~ it's fantastic. That must have been such a fun project.
It's so fun that you now have comments on your blog, so I can pop on over and say hello!
Hope you're having a happy holiday time.
mod*mom said…
very imaginative! fantastic! i am a huge s.britt fan (+flickr friend) so i got to see his kokeshi + some others. what a great idea
Anonymous said…
I love the kokeshi you created! Would love to own one and add to my kokeshi doll collection : )

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