Little Irving

Little Irving, originally uploaded by matte stephens.

This Is Irving he is the newest edition to our home. He only has one eye because of neglect of an infection when he was a baby. We are so happy he lives with us now.


Jess said…
Irving and his one eye is a big hit with my 15-month-old son, who keeps pointing to the photo and exclaiming "cat!" and "eye!" Glad Irving has a nice home.
pamela michelle said…
AW! all your cats are little cuties. Love the Simon illustration too!
Anonymous said…
Awww.. Irving is cute!! With only one eye, that makes him uniques. =)
Laurie Cinotto said…
oooooooh what a dapper little man.

i love his perpetual wink !
love your work and love your one eyed-cat too!!!!!
I´ll keep on visiting you!
greetings from Spain!
Aww, he looks like a sweet boy!
Anonymous said…
My cat has one eye too! My neighboor shot him with a pelet gun (teenage hoodlums, black cat, halloween, stupidity). It didn't get him down though, he is almost 20 years old now.
Juddie said…
I think I'm in love! Who could resist a little guy with a permanent wink?

:-) JB
Anonymous said…
He's the cutest!
I'm so happy for you that he wants to stay with you!
Anonymous said…
Adorable kitty!

Here's mine:

Love the artwork you have posted!
Utterly cute, but it makes me so angry when people do not take care of their pets. Sometimes I have bad thoughts (ie. like they should have the same thing happen to them...stupid humans) Anyway, here's mine. Kind of looks like yours!
Anonymous said…
Awwww! What is it about "survivor" pets that is so appealing? What an adorable guy.

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