I still love painting birds:)


Fulanita said…
Oh My Matte! You've outdone yourself again! I am a big fan of yours and am actually a proud owner of one of your prints and just recently gave CHARLIE BIRD (the large print) to my sister and brother in law. They've chosen to display it over their dining room table:)
I was wondering if you were interested in doing a show together with me? I have a show coming up at the SUBTEXT May 10th. They have asked me back for next year and it would be a total dream come true to collaborate with you for the next show.
I haven't really posted up a lot, but you can check out some of my stuff at my blog or you can just go to the SUBTEXT page and check out the stuff for the show (that is, if it's already up)!
Please let me know, as I said before, It would be an honor to display my work alongside yours.
Sandra Equihua, a loyal fan.
Anonymous said…
I love these! It reminds me of my childhood. My father painted birds on the walls and closet doors copying from old postcards. I think it was some kind of decoration trend in the 60's. Have you thought of doing the same at your place? ;-)

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