large bear monster painting

better photo of the bear monster
Originally uploaded by matte stephens


Unknown said…
Congratulations on being featured in Domino! I recognized your work right away. Very cool.
Here is the link for anyone who wants to take a look:
Fulanita said…
Hi Matte!
It's me again!
So I had my show in San Diego(I'll be posting up some picks this weekend at if you want to take a gander) and I was asked what date later in 2009 Id like. Seeing as were in this together, I thought it would be wise to ask you first. I thought September would be nice (school starts!) or maybe Ocotber (Halloweenie!) so let me know what you think ;)
All the best to you!
Hi Matte! I just wanted to tell you I adore you work. I was in The Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh last week and saw your bear monster - on silicone placemats! How awesome!
matte stephens said…
Thank you!! :D

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