new painting on my chair :)

new painting on my chair :)
Originally uploaded by matte stephens

Large NYC painting 24x48 inches sitting on my chair :)


parisa mahmoudi said…
Nicely shot of your home with your lovely artwork!!! :)
Matte... you live in my dream home:)
And... the painting looks awesome!
What do you mean by mixed media? What did you use?
Anonymous said…
I am such a big fan and watch your stuff on etsy, I just had to POP in to your blog and see a bit more of your world Thanks for sharing .JUlie
matte stephens said…
Thank you !!!
omg its my manhattan!
Eric McGrew said…
You have a really nice home and, your art is great. Just sad it took me this long to find it.
I am still dying for a print of this!!!

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