Lady Martha Abernathy


Melissa G said…
Where on earth can I find earrings just like Lady Martha's?
Carrie Nicole said…
I love her! She's SO fab!
quegli orecchini sembrano due lampadari! bello.
these earrings seems like chandeliers!
very nice
Jessica said…
Somebody likes you!

Frank Chimero has mentioned you in her Little Interview!check it out belowand let me know if you have any suggestions for people you would like to seeinterviewed or if you want to participate yourself! jessica
Ooooh... I like her:)
Fabulous earrings.
veronica said…
Great earrings, they look like mobiles ! (I wouldn't be surprised if you come up with some real mobiles soon since you're so crafty.

Anonymous said…
You must never get lonely!
Anonymous said…
OMG, i LOVE your work!

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