Art show at Velocity art and design September 24th 6-9

I hope some of you can make it :D


jenlynnodonnell said…
Are you planning any shows down in the Bay Area anytime soon!! I would love to meet you and see your work in person - I'm a huge fan!!
Definitely plan to make it as long as my baby doesn't arrive too soon! Hope to see you there!
matte stephens said…
Hi jenlynnodonnell, I have a show at Rare Device in 2010 :D
Hi pumml, Congratulations!! I look forward to meeting you!
Lara Brehm said…
love your Mr Hulot illustrations Matte!! You should make an illustration of Paris!! I think your style would perfectly match the city I live in!!! :) (even if I now live in Italy for some months...)
tessa said…
just discovered you and your work. love your stuff!

san diego is too far from seattle, but I hope your show goes really well.

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