Scuba man

For my show at Velocity art and design. He is the only one in the world that can smoke a pipe underwater . its a special pipe with an invisible harmless smokeless smoke with waterproof invisible tobaccoless tobacco :)


Isis said…
x isis
Lucas Ferreyra said…
KW said…
Great work, sir!
Can't this guy find a nice easy chair to have a pipe? Nice work Matt.
Hawk3ye said…
Octopus loves the smokeless smoke of the tobaccoless tobacky!
Anonymous said…
Matte - I'm truly impressed by your works... Got to know you from referindo blogspot from Bz and really liked. Thx and keep it up. Best JP
eulaliacornejo said…
beautiful work!!

Fulanita said…
awesome matte! cant wait to buy some stuff from you at the san diego show!
mariadiamantes said…
oooh, it's funny!
Beautiful work. I love your use of colour.
Emily said…
Bubble pipe?
I really like this painting the red punctuates it perfectly!
Have a nice weekend!
Ale said…
I love your ilus!!!

I come back!!

Ale said…
Where are your link of followers? I want to be one!!!

Amazing ilus!! I like it!!


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