My Cover for Uppercase magazine's 5th issue

This was such a fun job to work on with Janine of Uppercase Magazine. It is such a wonderful magazine you can start your subscription This issue will be available in April :D

Gouache on watercolor paper my original painting is 16x20 


jonahliza said…
thats one hip fox. fo sho.
Adam Stuart said…
This is a great magazine! Your cover is fantastic!
Anonymous said…
Great Job, Matte! It looks great!

Jan Halvarson said…
Hey hey! Congrats Matte!
matte stephens said…
Thank you !! :D
Lad said…
excellent Matte. well done.
lauren carney said…
why hello matte!

i just want to put it out there... and let you know..
that i love your illustrations, and your blog is simply delightful!

have fun being inspired,
and thank you for being wonderful!
x x

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