I shot an arrow into the air, they fell to earth in Berkeley Square

Gouache on panel 11x14


Lia said…
oooh I love this...so so beautiful as usual :)
Unknown said…
This is beautiful and I love how you name the piece :-)
small said…
love this!!
Anonymous said…
i love the anticipation here! it makes me laugh even though it would really be quite horrible.. but that conflict makes it all the more interesting! thanks for this!

i just saw your container on modcloth, i love usable art :)

i've enjoyed your art for a few years now, and i'm not sure why i'm only telling you this now. long overdue.

i have one of your bird/song bubble paintings hanging above my kitchen table and i enjoy it every day.

SKIZO said…
Thank you for sharing
This fabulous work with us
Good creations
tricky said…
I love the colours, and how easily you tell beautiful stories with simple shapes.
Unknown said…
Its great this picture! very original and creative.
I´ll follow your blog on a future ;D
Kisses from Madrid
bunnydee said…
The colors in this are so beautiful. Beautiful piece. The Balloon is dreamy.
Lia said…
I simply love hot air balloon...so whimsical

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