Simon meets a friend for lunch

                                                            Gouache on panel


Hello, I´m a spanish artist too. I love your work. I seen on facebook and then visit your blog. Thanks for your wonderful paintings. Do you work with gouache? Sorry I dont speak english very well. kiss.
matte stephens said…
Hi Almudena ,
Thank you so much for the kind comment! I do work in Gouache :)
alex said…
Hi Matte, beautiful work - I could browse it all day long!

A rookie question: Do you scan the paintings or take a photo in order to post/edit them?

Thank you,
Anonymous said…
Your art is very whimsical and clever. Fun and beautiful art.
Unknown said…
you ave great color choice and a great theme and concept in each of your works. The titles of each piece make the visual impact that much better great stuff, and i am greatly inspired

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